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[About You:]

Name: Gabbii
Age: 15
Sex: Chick
Location: Miami, fl
Birthday: May 31
Height: 5'9
Nationality: black
Sexual Preference: straight


Bands: The Donnas, The Doors, and The Used
Movies: Love Actually, 50 First Dates, Varsity Blues, and Wild Things
Books: How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by:Jenna Jameson, 1989 by: George Orwell, and any play by shakespeare
Shows: That 70's Show, The O.C., and Sex in the City
Hobbies: Sports (any sport), running, hangging w/ friends
Lyric: the lyrics to "She will be loved" Maroon 5
Food: watermelon
Color: Pink, Green, and Yellow

[Word Association:]

Pink: pretty
Rad: Casablanca Lillies
Hot: Colin Farrel
Bannana: Jenna
Smoke: toke
Avril: ick


The President: I'm not going to lie. I think he's a moron and he's doing a bad job and I wouldn't have voted for him if my life depended on it.
Abortion: I understand why people get upset about it because it is taking a life if you think about it but lets just say if I do get pregnant I know its my fault but I'm getting an abortion
Gay Marriage: It's a free country and as an American citizen you should be able to get with who you want
Drugs & Drinking: I wouldn't promote it but I'm not against drinking or pot (though I don't smoke)
Self-Mutilation: The dumbest thing anyone could result to doing


Why would you want to be accepted here?: The communiy seems pretty cool and I don't see why not
What would you bring to this community if you were accepted?: a good laugh and smile :)
Where did you hear about us?: I can't really remember i think it was through a member of another community
Promote us to a journal and a community and prove that you did it by giving the direct link: ,

[Please post 3 or more pictures:]

^ my b/f
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