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im hawt your not

[About You:]

Name: Ashley
Age: 13
Sex: female
Location: North Carolina
Birthday: October 2
Height: 5'5"
Nationality: Irish
Sexual Preference: straight


Bands: From First to Last, the Bled, the Blood Brothers, Brighteyes, Senses Fail, Underoath, the Used, && From Autumn to Ashes.
Movies: Betelgeuse && the Addams Family.
Books: Harry Potter.
Shows: the Real World
Hobbies: music
Lyric: It's time to die; you're worth more dead.
Food: chicken
Color: lime green

[Word Association:]

Pink: FFTL
Rad: rainbows
Hot: Matt Good
Bannana: yellow
Smoke: weed
Avril: poser


The President: hate em.
Abortion: murder.
Gay Marriage: love is love.
Drugs & Drinking: i hate drunks
Self-Mutilation: stop


Why would you want to be accepted here?: the people seem cool
What would you bring to this community if you were accepted?: i'd rate others that apply, and talk to the memebers
Where did you hear about us?: random search
Promote us to a journal and a community and prove that you did it by giving the direct link: most communities do not want promos and will kick you out. i'll promote to my info

[Please post 3 or more pictures:]

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